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Amphibians Books

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Peter Murray

Animal World Amphibians 1st Edition,8131912019,9788131912010

Animal World Amphibians 1 ...

Pallabi B. Toma ...

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About Amphibians Books

Amphibians are cold blooded smooth-skinned vertebrate of the class Amphibia. Amphibians were the first vertebrates to live on land. Amphibians evolved from lobe-finned fish during the late Devonian Period and include frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and caecilians.
Amphibians are capable of living both on land and in water.
They spend their larval stage in water, breathing through their gills. While when grown as adult they usually live on land and use lungs to breathe air.

Our Amphibians books section enlists wide range of books on amphibians with pictures for accurate identification, easy layout, maps briefing about different varieties found in different areas and much more. Find in this amphibians books section titles detailing about anatomy and physiology growth and development, characteristics, classification, reproduction, conservation etc. These books for scientist, students, researchers, and teachers are published in Europe, South America and South East Asia.
Did You Know?
The word amphibian became restricted in the taxonomical sense to what we now use around 1600 with the taxon "Amphibia" first published in scientific classification circa 1819. The amphibians are only able to be active in high temperature.