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Confucianism And Chinese Civilization

Changing Stories In The Chinese World 1st Edition,0804730911,9780804730914

Changing Stories In The C ...

Mark Elvin

Our Price: $ 27.63

The Making Of Chinese Foreign And Security Policy In The Era Of Reform,0804740550,9780804740555

The Making Of Chinese For ...

David Lampton

Our Price: $ 97.66

To Steal A Book Is An Elegant Offense Intellectual Property Law In Chinese Civilization,0804722706,9780804722704

To Steal A Book Is An Ele ...

William Alford

Our Price: $ 76.99

China In A Polycentric World Essays In Chinese Comparative Literature 1st Edition,0804735093,9780804735094

China In A Polycentric Wo ...

Yingjin Zhang

Our Price: $ 29.59

Long Lives Chinese Elderly And The Communist Revolution 1st Expanded Edition,0804718083,9780804718080

Long Lives Chinese Elderl ...

Deborah Davis-F ...

Our Price: $ 34.34

Changing Stories In The Chinese World 1st Edition,0804730903,9780804730907

Changing Stories In The C ...

Mark Elvin

Our Price: $ 79.22

Decisive Encounters The Chinese Civil War, 1946-1950 1st Edition,0804744785,9780804744782
34 %

Decisive Encounters The C ...

Odd Westad

List Price: $ 70.00

Our Price: $ 46.21

The Chinese Women's Movement Between State And Market 1st Edition,080474405X,9780804744058

The Chinese Women's Movem ...

Ellen Judd

Our Price: $ 73.41

Chinese Labor in a Korean Factory Class, Ethnicity, and Productivity on the Shop Floor in Globalizing China,080478454X,9780804784542

Chinese Labor in a Korean ...

Jaesok Kim, Jae ...

Our Price: $ 52.77

God Aboveground Catholic Church, Postsocialist State, And Transnational Processes In A Chinese Village 1st Edition,0804740976,9780804740975

God Aboveground Catholic ...

Eriberto Lozada ...

Our Price: $ 56.99

Street Criers A Cultural History Of Chinese Beggars,080475148X,9780804751483

Street Criers A Cultural ...

Hanchao Lu

Our Price: $ 56.99

Buddhism in Chinese History,0804705488,9780804705486

Buddhism in Chinese Histo ...

Arthur Wright

Our Price: $ 34.99

Hankow Conflict And Community In A Chinese City, 1796-1895 1st Edition,0804721602,9780804721608

Hankow Conflict And Commu ...

William Rowe

Our Price: $ 37.16

Modern Chinese Literary Thought Writings On Literature, 1893-1945 1st Edition,0804725586,9780804725583

Modern Chinese Literary T ...

Kirk Denton

Our Price: $ 145.98

Personal Voices Chinese Women In The 1980'S 1st Edition,0804714312,9780804714310

Personal Voices Chinese W ...

Emily Honig, Ga ...

Our Price: $ 36.94

Chinese Women In A Century Of Revolution, 1850-1950,0804714967,9780804714969
34 %

Chinese Women In A Centur ...

Kazuko Ono, Jos ...

List Price: $ 59.95

Our Price: $ 39.40

The Reach Of The State Sketches Of The Chinese Body Politic,0804714584,9780804714587

The Reach Of The State Sk ...

Vivienne Shue

Our Price: $ 57.67

Chinese Marxism In The Post-Mao Era,0804717826,9780804717823

Chinese Marxism In The Po ...

Bill Brugger, D ...

Our Price: $ 65.58

Culture And State In Chinese History Conventions, Accommodations, And Critiques 1st Edition,0804728674,9780804728676

Culture And State In Chin ...

Theodore Huters ...

Our Price: $ 96.91

Seeking Modernity In China's Name Chinese Students In The United States, 1900-1927 1st Edition,0804736960,9780804736961

Seeking Modernity In Chin ...

Weili Ye

Our Price: $ 67.31

Civilization And Its Contents,0804750823,9780804750820

Civilization And Its Cont ...

Bruce Mazlish

Our Price: $ 59.79

The End Of The Chinese Middle Ages Essays In Mid-Tang Literary Culture 1st Edition,0804726663,9780804726665
31 %

The End Of The Chinese Mi ...

Stephen Owen

List Price: $ 57.95

Our Price: $ 39.94

The Reach Of The State Sketches Of The Chinese Body Politic 1st Edition,0804718040,9780804718042

The Reach Of The State Sk ...

Vivienne Shue

Our Price: $ 33.41

Civilization and Its Contents,0804750831,9780804750837

Civilization and Its Cont ...

Bruce Mazlish

Our Price: $ 22.99

Chinese Modernity And The Peasant Path Semicolonialism In The Northern Yangzi Delta 1st Edition,0804729328,9780804729321

Chinese Modernity And The ...

Kathy Walker

Our Price: $ 92.92

Mencius And Early Chinese Thought 1st Edition,0804727880,9780804727884

Mencius And Early Chinese ...

Kwong-loi Shun

Our Price: $ 88.71

Shanghai On Strike The Politics Of Chinese Labor,0804720630,9780804720632

Shanghai On Strike The Po ...

Elizabeth Perry

Our Price: $ 88.71

The Problematic Of Self In Modern Chinese Literature Hu Feng And Lu Ling 1st Edition,0804731284,9780804731287

The Problematic Of Self I ...

Kirk Denton

Our Price: $ 75.57

Making The Chinese Mexican Global Migration, Localism, And Exclusion In The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands,0804788626,9780804788625

Making The Chinese Mexica ...

Grace Delgado

Our Price: $ 32.20